The Paris attack and aftermath represent the pivot of what could displace Christianity and Secularism as the source of political, moral, legal, and social order.

The most important statistic in the headlines is not the number killed in Paris in yet another jihadist attack, but the number of Muslims in Paris itself (as well as in the entire of France). Those statistics will tell us what will happen in France in the near future.

Unfortunately, we don’t know these numbers, or more exactly, the numbers we’re using are low estimates that are at least five years old: 15% in Paris, and 10% in France. We do know that Islam is the second largest religion in France, the first being a very secularized, weakened Catholicism. And we do know that the majority of Muslims in France are Sunni, the largest branch of Islam (85%). ISIS devotees are Sunni Muslims.

There are a significant number of converts, but most are immigrants (that is, the parents of the next generation of French Muslim citizens). These migrations (beginning in the 1960s, and speeding up ever since) represent the largest influx of Muslims into France since the Islamic Umayyad invasion of France in the 8th century.

France now has more Muslims than any Western European nation, and by some accounts, Paris more than any other city. And very recently, Muslims were publicly demonstrating for Sharia Law in France.

Let’s look again at the above statistics to see what this might mean. To repeat, on a low-ball estimate, Muslims account for about 10% of the population of France (i.e., about 6.5 million Muslims in a total French population of 66 million).

Such were about the percentages of Christians dominating the dying Roman Empire at the beginning of the 300s. In fact, almost the very same numbers. By 300 AD Christians numbered about 6 million, that is, about 10% of the approximately 65 million people of the Roman Empire.

That parallel should shake France—indeed the entire West—out of its somnambulant complacency.

If not that, how about this in addition. In cities of the Roman Empire, the percentage of Christians was much greater. In Rome itself, the very center of the Empire, Christians were well over half the population. The great concentration of Christians in Roman cities created the demographic, and hence cultural, turning point, from pagan to Christianized civilization.

Take the cities, and change the culture—the laws, the morality, the understanding of God, the view of marriage, art, architecture, literature. Everything. That was the Christian providential plan 17 centuries ago. And it worked. Vital, expanding, evangelizing Christianity tipped the Empire in the 300s, thereby displacing the rudderless, soul-weary, and morally (not to mention economically) bankrupt Roman Empire.

The Muslim population is now fast approaching that pivotal point in secularized (i.e., de-Christianized) Europe, and getting especially near in France. You don’t need a majority, only a demographic tipping point.

As a result, France will very soon be the first Islamized Western European nation, with an entirely different understanding of law, morality, God, marriage, art, architecture, literature. Everything. France will then have moved, historically, over the last three thousand years from pre-Christian paganism, to Christianity, to secularism, and finally to Islam as the center of its civilization.

There will be many more killings, because for radical Islam, that is part of the way of conquering, but the real victory will be demographic, and that will spell the end of the campaign of terror because France will be Muslim. Germany and Great Britain will soon follow.

Is all of this inevitable?

Yes, if the heart of Europe remains the worn-out heart of secularism, coupled with a less-than lukewarm Christianity. Yes, if the mind of Europe continues to misunderstand the mass immigration as merely adding more people to its own civilization, rather than transforming Europe into another, quite radically different civilization.