Dear Concerned Citizen,


The secular mindset is dead set that its agenda will rule the future, but its agenda includes having almost no children. It never occurred to them that, without children, their agenda has no future.

Eric Kaufmann in a recent article in Prospect Magazine entitled “Breeding for God” drives this all too obvious point home.

“In Europe, the fertility advantage of the religious over non-believers has historically been counterbalanced by the march of secularization.” But no longer. Not in Europe; not in the world. “The share of the world’s population that is religious is growing, after nearly a century of modest decline. This effect has been produced in the younger generations in the developing world rejecting secularization, combined with higher religious fertility levels. Throughout the world, the religious tend to have more children, irrespective of age, education or wealth.”

Note the shocker (at least in regard to the unquestioned assumptions of secular faith): “irrespective of age, education or wealth.”

Secular faith tied together three unquestioned components of its creed: the young will always side with progress (and progress means secularization); religion is irrational therefore education will necessarily cause enlightenment (i.e., the acceptance of secularism); and poverty makes people credulous (and therefore prone to religion) and prone to overbreeding (because they have not been enlightened, especially about birth control). Therefore, with the advance of education and prosperity, secularization must increase as religion decreases.

But now it is the young, the educated, and the well-off who are becoming more religious. And they are breeding at an alarming rate.

Alarming to secularists, that is. But what can they do? Essential to their creed is that education brings enlightenment. It never occurred to them that—Oh, how did this happen?! Who was sleeping on his/her watch?!—their children might encounter cogently-reasoned, profound critiques of secularism, and equally cogent and profound arguments for religious faith. And then, horrors or horrors!, turn to fruitful multiplication.

What to do? One form of secular denial is simply to see the whole thing as a breeding takeover by irrational, radical Muslims. But that is not even a half-truth. Certainly the Muslim population of Europe is out-breeding the aging white population of old Europeans at an alarming rate (alarming to secularists, that is). But as we have argued in previous emails, while there are radical Muslims, most Muslims are not out to bomb non-Muslims. They are quite well-educated, rational human beings who are intellectually and morally repulsed at decadent secular western culture.

But it just ain’t so that this phenomenon is confined to Muslims. Evangelicals in both America and Europe and quite well educated and well-off financially. And they are having children. That accounts for the interesting “fertility advantage” that religious “red” states have over the liberal “blue” states in recent US elections. As Arthur Brooks at Syracuse University made startlingly clear: “if you picked 100 unrelated politically liberal adults at random, you would find that they had, between them, 147 children. If you picked 100 conservatives, you would find 208 kids. That’s a ‘fertility gap’ of 41 per cent.” And again, do the math yourself. In a generation the gap will have been geometrically widened.

Demography in democracy is political destiny, be it in America, in Europe, or anywhere in the world. The future belongs to those who go forth and multiply.