At times, you might suffer a pain that runs from your back to the legs. The possible cause of such anguish is inflammation of the longest nerve in your body, called sciatic nerve. Some of the symptoms that you might be suffering sciatica pains include lower back pain, leg pains and numbness in your feet.

Note that, this pain will not take a break to give time to sleep. Thus, there is a high probability that it’ll deny you a chance to enjoy the sleep that you desire. Many people suffering the condition wonder how to get sleep with these pains. Considering the challenges these people face, in this article, we list tips on how to sleep with sciatica pain. Consider reading through the whole article for a chance to understand it better.

Adapt to a better sleeping position

When it comes to sleeping conditions, each person will have a unique style. The best thing is to make sure that you pick a habit that works for you. With the best sleeping position, you’re able to do away with much of the nighttime pains.  According to sleep experts, The most recommendable style is to lie flat on your back.

“To achieve this sleeping position, you will need to lie on your back, making sure your whole body is resting and is in contact with the bed. Then, you will elevate your knees and place several pillows beneath them.”, said Terry Cralle.

When you do this, make sure to elevate your knees, as it helps to minimize the pressure applied on the nerve by your lumbar. The technique, however, can be a bit tiring; therefore, it’s advisable that you place a pillow below your knees to offer support. Make sure that your heels and the buttocks remain in contact with the bed.

You can also decide to sleep on your side but under this case, make sure to bend your knees towards the head. Note that, this technique might not be as effective as sleeping on your can be in eliminating the pains.

Learn how to keep the upper spine straight

If you want to reduce your lower back pains at the bed, you need to make sure you maintain a straight upper spine while asleep. Make sure to sleep with a fluffy pillow or without a pillow at all. Note that, pains originating from one point of the body tend to affect your whole well being. Therefore, make sure to pick the best pillows from the stores. Follow on this link to learn more about the best pillows you can purchase in the market.

Always take a shower before bed

One way to help reduce sciatica pains is to take a warm water bath. It helps to trigger the release of endorphins which is a pain-fighting hormone. Also, it helps to relax muscles around the nerve roots and therefore eliminating possible pains.

Studies show that a large number of people suffering sciatica pains reported falling asleep immediately after taking a warm bath. Note not to make the waters hot, as hot water can raise your body temperatures and therefore making you lack sleep. If you don’t like night baths, you can try other hot water therapies to reduce the pains.

Look out for a comfortable mattress

Always consider sleeping on a firm mattress if you want to fall asleep faster with sciatica pains. It’s worth to buy a new mattress to keep you safe from severe distress. If you cannot afford a new mattress, you can always try sleeping on the floor maybe with a yoga mattress.

Scientific researches show that a large number of people who suffer sciatica pain reported reduced pains when they slept on the floor. Note that, sleeping on the floor will take you a few days before you can get adapted. Therefore, you have all the reasons not to give up.

Another good idea is to get an adjustable bed if you don’t want to sleep on floors or sleep on a regular mattress.  A high-quality adjustable bed is not cheap, here are some recommendations for best adjustable beds from

Ice Sore the painful spots

Another way to ensure that you enjoy your night even if you have sciatica pains is through icing sore areas that feel the pain. It’s a recommendation that many of the doctors give to their clients. Place ice at your lower spine, or buttocks. Make sure to let it stay for at least 20 minutes within three hours. In this way, it helps to reduce inflammations and therefore helps you tackle the pains.

However, icing can get complicated and therefore, we recommend that you see a doctor before you start frosting.

Practice excellent sleep hygiene practices

If you want to fall asleep without a lot of struggles, make sure to practice healthy sleep habits at nighttime. Avoid watching the TV at least an hour before heading to bed. Also, avoid taking your electronics to your bed. Another thing, make sure not to engage in nighttime exercises as it raises your body temperatures and therefore denying you a comfortable sleep.

Also, avoid coffee and other caffeine drinks as they distract your mind and keep you away from falling asleep. Don’t overeat as it will be discomforting.

Final Verdict

Sciatica pain is severe and will cause a lot of disturbance in your sleep. You, therefore, need to learn on tricks that will help you fall asleep quickly. The above-discussed practices are the best that you can adopt. Also, follow on the links provided for a chance to learn more about how to sleep with sciatica pain.

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