Best Mattress 2020

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When thinking of buying a mattress, many things may come to your mind, from price to quality. This is why deciding on a particular mattress may take some time. While some people may prefer to buy their mattresses online, some may prefer to buy them from mattress stores in the areas where they live. But when you take a good look at all these stores, you will find out that they all offer the same products, so this means that where you choose to buy your mattress should basically depend on whether they have what you are looking for.

Since there are many brands of mattresses, going to the store to buy a mattress without a particular brand in mind may not be a good idea. For every potential buyer, you should have a specific brand in mind while going to buy a mattress; this will help in making your purchase an easy and fun experience. Failure to do this, then it may turn out to be a frustrating experience. Below are some of the top brands of mattresses 2019.

1. Nectar

This is a pocket-friendly mattress which helps in providing sleepers with a great sleeping experience. With this mattress, you will be able to get the comfortable and conforming sleep that you have always been looking for. It has two memory foam layers which significantly contribute to the comfort provided by the mattress. The comfort system of this mattress allows it to contour to the sleeper’s body and align both the neck and spine while one is sleeping.

In addition to this, the mattress has a breathable cover which helps in decreasing the retention of heat at night hence reduces the risk in sleeping hot in the night. Compared to all other memory foams, this is the cheapest mattress, and apart from that, it also comes with a one year trial, you can, therefore, use this time to determine whether it is the right mattress for you or not.


  • The mattress has a lifetime warranty
  • Minimal heat retention
  • Helps with spinal alignment
  • Affordable
  • No motion transfer


  • Weak edge support

2. Leesa

This is a mattress that can fit any body type as well as size. One of the most interesting things about this mattress is its price; it is always in line with the current market. The mattress also comes in two models, namely the newer luxury and the classic version. Both models provide people with excellent support balance as well as pressure-relieving comfort. Apart from that, it also gives them an average firmness. Unlike many other mattresses, the transportation of Leesa mattress is very easy. So if you are looking for a great mattress that you can swap between the rooms, then you have found what you are looking for.

The most interesting thing about this brand is that for every ten sales made, one is always donated to charity, and for every sold mattress, a tree is normally planted. As you can see, it is an environmentally friendly and socially responsible brand.


  • The mattress can adapt to all body shapes
  • Greater breathability
  • Affordable
  • Both models have above average motion isolation
  • Multiple thicknesses, firmness, as well as construction options


  • May be too firm for some users

3. Dreamcloud

This mattress includes the construction of high quality. Its construction involves comfort layers which are of gel memory foam as well as a polyfoam. This is a mattress that suits what a quality mattress should provide its users with. It provides users with a total of eight unique layers of comfort as well as support.

This mattress is made to provide sleepers with a cool and comfortable night, all thanks to the gel memory foam. Apart from that, it also offers a luxurious feeling to its users; this is because its top is a quilted euro that is made of a variety of foams.

Even though the mattress uses many layers of memory foam, it doesn’t provide any significant contouring. It has a pocketed coil support which helps in keeping you aligned while throughout the night. If you are looking for a mattress that can help you have a cool and beautiful sleep at night, then this is what you may be looking for.


  • It has a luxurious construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • It is lightweight hence easy to move
  • 365 nights of trial


  • Lightweight sleepers may not like it

4. Saatva

Compared to other memory foam mattresses, saatva has more edge support. It also has coils which are individually wrapped; this, therefore, means that with this mattress, less motion is transferred. This, therefore, makes it easy for couples to switch positions at night without disturbing the other sleeping partner. This is a luxury mattress which comes at a very affordable price. Since it is an innerspring mattress, it will not come in a box.

The mattress also comes with a variety of three firmness options. Compared to Leesa, the mattress has a few warranty years, and this is 15 years. In addition to that, it also provides its users with 120 trial days to determine if it’s what you are actually looking for or not.

The best thing about this brand is that it uses environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, and it also doesn’t have smell issues, something that you may find in other mattress brands. For those looking for luxury inner coil mattress, this is what you should go for.


  • Flexible warranty
  • Bouncy enough for great sex experience
  • Strong edge support
  • Multiple firmnesses
  • Contrition features are economical friendly


  • Heavy and difficult to transport

5. Layla

This is one of the best mattresses for back sleepers, this is because of its flappable firmness, one side is soft, and the other side is firm. For those who don’t know whether to go for a soft or firm mattress, they can choose to buy this mattress because it provides them with both options; it’s just like buying a two in one mattress.

With this mattress, you will be able to get a cool night sleep. In addition to this, the mattress is also microbial; this means that with it, you will be able to get a germ free sleep every night of using this mattress. The other good thing about this mattress is that it is firm hence provides sleepers with more support as they sleep; the chances of sinking into the mattress are zero.

This mattress is also suitable for all types of sleepers, for those looking for plush beds; this is what you should choose. The mattress also contours bodies and also relieves pressure. It has a lifetime warranty and comes with a 120 days trial.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Flippable firmness
  • Two firmness options
  • Copper-infused
  • Great motion isolation
  • Provides great pressure relief


  • Fair edge support

6. Purple

This is one of the best no pressure mattresses you can ever find in the market. It is a unique mattress that is made to provide its users with a whole new sleep experience. The mattress is made with a hyper-elastic polymer, a material which is rubber-like. This, therefore, ensures that there is enough airflow within the mattress; hence, there is temperature regulation.

In addition to this, the mattress is allergen resistant, non-toxic, and durable. The most important sleep benefit of this mattress is the fact that it helps in relieving pressure while sleeping. Upon sleeping on this mattress, you will be provided with instant comfort and the stress which you had acquired the whole day will also be released.

The mattress also puts you in shape so that it can provide you with enough support while sleeping. The mattress is designed to help in providing spinal support to sleepers as well as cushioning support. Apart from that, it also isolates motion, and this, therefore, enables it the best mattress for couples.


  • Relieves pressure
  • Has a unique feel
  • Good for all types of sleepers
  • Cool
  • Great motion isolation
  • Multiple firmness and thickness


  • Heavy

7. Casper

This is a luxurious mattress fit for those with pains and aches. It has a thick and comfortable system which helps in relieving pressure. Apart from that, the mattress also has a cotton cover which is very breathable hence allows for cool night sleep.

It also has a polyfoam which is of a high density, and it helps in preventing the sleep surface from excessive sagging as well as reducing sinkage. The mattress also has a ten-year warranty and well as a money-back guarantee.


  • Provides cool sleep experience
  • No motion transfer
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great for back sleepers
  • Ten years warranty
  • Money-back guarantee


  • May mostly benefits back sleepers

8. Tuft & Needle

If you are looking for a new mattress yet, you are in a limited budget, and then this is what you are looking for. This is one of the best mattresses for budget-conscious people, and this is because it is budget-friendly and comes typically with a discount.

It is an averagely firm mattress which helps in keeping sleepers cool throughout the night. Just like many other brands, this brand also offers its users with a ten years warranty and 100 days of a free trial. This is one of the mattresses that are made in an environmentally friendly way.

The mattress has limited chemical emissions and does not pollute the air, as well. For those who care about the environment, this is one of the best mattresses they can ever find.

The mattress comes in two models; T&N and Mint mattress, both of them come with great motion isolation, so they are both fits for those who sleep with partners. In addition to this, both brands provide users with pressure relief benefits.


  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Relieves pressure
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free shipping in the U.S
  • Close conforming


  • Edge support is questionable

9. Zinus green tea

Zinus provides its consumers with a variety of hybrid mattresses, memory foams, and inner mattresses to choose from. And all these are always available at a very affordable price. This type of mattress can be found in both online and motor stores.

No one would like to have a hot night, this is because this would mean that they are no sleep at all, but with Zinus, hot nights will never be a problem anymore. This is because its foam is infused with various cooling materials which conform the body and helps in relieving pressure from the body as well.

The top layer of the mattress is made of a cooling gel memory while the bottom is made of poly foam; this, therefore, makes it a perfect mattress for a cool and soft sleep. All the brands of this mattress provide users with continuous body-conforming. In addition to this, they also isolate motion transfer.


  • No motion transfer
  • Multiple models
  • Multiple firmness options
  • Widely available
  • Affordable
  • No awful smell


  • Durability is below average

10. IDLE Sleep

This is a dual-sided mattress that provides people with fantastic sleep experience. Since it is two-sided, the chances of sagging are highly reduced, so if you are a person who totally dislikes sagging mattresses, then you should choose this mattress.

This hybrid mattress bounces and also has great airflow, and part from this, it also helps in pressure-relieving and body conformance. It is one of the best mattresses when it comes to versatile sleep experiences.

The mattress also has many features which make sure that you are cool while sleeping at night. The mattress is averagely firm and works very well for different types of sleepers. In addition to this, it can also firmly hold your body and still give you room to move around.

With minimum motion transfer, there is no much noise at night while one partner is moving; this means that the other partner can sleep in peace.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multiple firmness options
  • Strong edge support
  • Durable
  • Great temperature neutrality
  • Flippable construction


  • Moving is difficult

When looking for a mattress, you have to know that mattresses exist in different brands, and every brand has its own unique features. So looking at every feature, you should determine the features that suit your sleeping needs and choose the right brand for greater sleep experience.

How to Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cozy

cozy home

There is nothing quite fulfilling than coming home after a long tiring day. For most people, home is not only a shelter over their heads but also a safe place for them. That feeling is what makes most people spend time making their homes feel warm and cozy. And, this something quite easy to do. You do not need an overcomplicated budget to make your home comfortable. You can do so with an inexpensive budget. And here are some of the ways you can do so.

Light up your rooms

Good lighting is an essential part of making your home feel cozy and warm. Not only does it help in decorating any space in your house, but they also can make it feel inviting and cozy when placed strategically throughout the open areas of your home. Some of the decorations you can use to light up your home include mirrors and lamps.

The ambiance mirrors and lights create, especially in the evening give your home a different sparkle. Mirrors play a significant role in making any space feel cozy by reflecting and bouncing off the light to other spaces in the house. Furthermore, hanging a mirror in the right spot helps in opening up an area that may feel cramped, and this makes your home feel warm and inviting.

Add warm metals

Warm metals are quite popular right now. Its popularity is for a good reason. The warmth bronze, copper, rose gold, or brass gives to any room can instantly liven up your house. If you need something warm, you can try adding copper, bronze, or other warm metals to your space. For instance, you can hang copper pots on your kitchen walls for easy display.

You can also buy medival candle metal holders and hung them on your ceiling. This gives your house a different feel, especially if the room is a little crowded. Budget tip: Finding warm antique metals like copper, brass, and bronze, among others, at flea markets and garage sales is quite easy. If the metal you purchase required polishing simply sprinkle salt on its surface and rub a piece of lemon over the metal’s surface. You can also use spray paint to help in the transformation of metal pieces that look quite old.

Have richly textured patterns on your walls

Patterns and texture can give your home more dimension and depth. And one of the ways you can achieve this is through the use of wallpaper. A rich and sophisticated wallpaper can help in creating more drama than ordinary decorations. Our eyes are drawn to unusual items; having a wallpaper enhances the beauty of your home and draws the attention of your guests.

Budget tip: Purchasing and installing wallpaper can be extensive. And if you are on a limited budget, you do not have to forgo the idea of making your walls pop. You can try DIY projects like painting a stencil on your wall, finding a richly patterned paper—wrapping paper, or try framing the paper into a big canvas. This helps save you time and loads of money.

Check online resources like Remodelormove for more Wall decor ideas.


Another excellent way to give your home a warm and relaxing look is by installing rich wood on the floors and walls. Wood gives your home an expensive, inviting, and rich look. Having such a texture in your house is an excellent way to add a unique aspect to your home. Some of the familiar places you would find wood in most homes is on floors. You can also have wooden beams, window trims, or doors. But, an wood wall would make an even stronger statement. However, creating that wood wall can be an investment and extremely costly.

Budget tip: You do not have to incur a lot to make a wood wall. You can find waste pallets and install these pallets on your walls. This will give it a less expensive look.

Introduce art

Most people often downplay the importance of art in making a home warm and cozy. And this is a missed opportunity, as art brings a sense of coziness and character into your home. However, if you are not comfortable with hanging artwork in your house, try putting up a design that makes tells a story. Art not only adds character but also charm and color to space.

Since art is a personal choice, make sure you choose one that speaks to you before hanging it on your wall. Look for pieces of art that resonate with your lifestyle and personality.

You can check online resources like Liquid Image Co to know more home improvement skills home design ideas.

Introduce fresh and faux flowers

Most homeowners prefer not using faux or fresh flowers in decorating their homes. In truth, these flowers play a significant role in giving any space a sense of warmth, especially faux flowers and plants. Most people assume that they are faux; those plants and flowers are downright cheap and fake. But, once you get good quality faux flowers, you will undoubtedly fall in love with your home.

You can also try mixing faux flowers with fresh pieces as this will help give your home a unique look. Bring that corner in your house or your coffee table back to life. Remember, to also use unique vases as this will give the flowers or plants an exceptional look.

Introduce color

Whether it’s through rugs, pillow fabrics, throws, accessories, or other décor items, this is one of the best ways to introduce color and make your home feel inviting and cozy. A home without one or more of these elements can feel uninviting. Therefore, try to incorporate each item, as it will help your home look fabulous.

Whatever idea you choose, make sure that it works within your budget. You do not have to purchase expensive items to make your home feel warm. You can work within your budget and choose items that make your space pop. So you have no excuse not to make your home, as beautiful as you want it. Whatever you buy despite the price can make your home feel cozy and warm. All you have to do is make it suit your character and style.

How to sleep with a pregnancy pillow

How to sleep with a pregnancy pillow

When pregnant, most women will only focus on safe delivery practices. However, this is not the only thing that they should put all their focus. During the nine months of pregnancy, there is a lot of need to focus on self-care. In this way, the mother ensures that the baby is safe even when still unborn.

Among the things that women find difficult to do when pregnant is to fall asleep. However, in using pregnancy pillows, this should not be the problem anymore. The issue remains with how to sleep with a pregnancy pillow. We can agree that not many of the women know how to use the pregnancy pillows. Considering this, we shall discuss how pregnancy pillows work and ways in which they are of benefit to the user.

Learn when to start using pregnancy pillows

Most doctors will recommend a pregnant woman to begin using the cushions after the first 20 weeks of the pregnancy. However, there is no fixed time as to when you should start using the pillow. The earlier you start, the better as it helps you o adapt to its uses. When you begin to feel some levels of uncomforting sleeping positions, start using pregnancy pillows.

Learn about different pregnancy pillow types

Each woman will have a different pregnancy from the others. Therefore, the kind of discomfort one feels is not what the other woman feels. As a result, there are a variety of pregnancy pillow types to suit different needs. The pillow you buy should go in line with the reason for buying one. Examples of these pillows include;

  • The U-shape Pillow: now, if you are the type who turn and toss in your sleep, or love sleeping on your back or side, this is a perfect pillow for you. It offers full body support and fits well if you have extra space in your bed. You can snuggle at the middle of the cushion for maximum head, neck and back comfort.
  • Wedge Pillow: if you’re looking for a perfect pregnancy pillow to use even after pregnancy, the wedge pillow is a great option. You can choose to use either the round or the triangular wedge pregnancy pillow. Place the pillow under the tummy for sufficient support when sleeping on your side. The cushion acts best as a reflux and heartburn reliever.
  • Inflatable Pregnancy pillows: in case you love to sleep on your stomach, this pillow will be an excellent choice for you. Also, if you want to heighten the levels of support, or you are in the third trimester, this will be a perfect choice. After you get the pillow inflated, lay on it gently. Set the baby bump into the provided within the cushion. If you want to increase the comfort of the support, consider placing a towel on its top. It’s a perfect option that is unique for these types of sleepers. Therefore, consider giving it a try, and you’ll love the quality.
  • The Full-Length Pregnancy Pillow: if you’re looking for a cushion that will offer support to your body entirely, this is the selection for you. It’s suitable for your limbs and provides sufficient support for your tummy. You can consider selecting between the straight full-length and the flexible-full-length pillows. You use the pillow for hugs and cuddle. The way it works, you cannot place it under your tummy or back. To use it effectively, put your belly at the center of the pillow. Then wrap your arms and legs around the pillow. In this way, you can relax and enjoy the comfort it offers to your body.

Benefits of using pregnancy pillows

Now that you know about how to use a different type of pillows and how suitable each is for you, what are the benefits of using them?

  • Enhanced blood circulation: when you’re pregnant, your blood circulation needs to be sufficient for the safety of the fetus. The best way to enhance sufficient blood circulation is to sleep on the side. However, this is not a desirable position when pregnant.

But with the addition of the extra cushioning, you’re able to sleep comfortably on your side and therefore promoting sufficient flow of blood throughout your body.

  • Reduces body pains: If you desire to eliminate the aches in your body when pregnant, give your back, hips and legs room to rest. Such is possible in using a pregnancy pillow as it offers support to these body parts. In these ways, it helps to relieve the pains.
  • Improved sleep: if you want to have a safe and robust pregnancy, there is a need to have enough sleep. However, this is not simple to achieve, but with a pregnancy pillow, you can sleep longer and better sleep.

Final Verdict

Now that you know how to use pregnancy pillows and their benefits to your health, you have all the reasons to buy one. Choose a cushion that fits your needs. My wish is that you find the article helpful on how to sleep with a pregnancy pillow.

How to sleep with sciatica pain

How to sleep with sciatica pain

At times, you might suffer a pain that runs from your back to the legs. The possible cause of such anguish is inflammation of the longest nerve in your body, called sciatic nerve. Some of the symptoms that you might be suffering sciatica pains include lower back pain, leg pains and numbness in your feet.

Note that, this pain will not take a break to give time to sleep. Thus, there is a high probability that it’ll deny you a chance to enjoy the sleep that you desire. Many people suffering the condition wonder how to get sleep with these pains. Considering the challenges these people face, in this article, we list tips on how to sleep with sciatica pain. Consider reading through the whole article for a chance to understand it better.

Adapt to a better sleeping position

When it comes to sleeping conditions, each person will have a unique style. The best thing is to make sure that you pick a habit that works for you. With the best sleeping position, you’re able to do away with much of the nighttime pains. The most recommendable style is to lie flat on your back.

When you do this, make sure to elevate your knees, as it helps to minimize the pressure applied on the nerve by your lumbar. The technique, however, can be a bit tiring; therefore, it’s advisable that you place a pillow below your knees to offer support. Make sure that your heels and the buttocks remain in contact with the bed.

You can also decide to sleep on your side but under this case, make sure to bend your knees towards the head. Note that, this technique might not be as effective as sleeping on your can be in eliminating the pains.

Learn how to keep the upper spine straight

If you want to reduce your lower back pains at the bed, you need to make sure you maintain a straight upper spine while asleep. Make sure to sleep with a fluffy pillow or without a pillow at all. Note that, pains originating from one point of the body tend to affect your whole well being. Therefore, make sure to pick the best pillows from the stores. Follow on this link to learn more about the best pillows you can purchase in the market.

Always take a shower before bed

One way to help reduce sciatica pains is to take a warm water bath. It helps to trigger the release of endorphins which is a pain fighting hormone. Also, it helps to relax muscles around the nerve roots and therefore eliminating possible pains.

Studies show that a large number of people suffering sciatica pains reported falling asleep immediately after taking a warm bath. Note not to make the waters hot, as hot water can raise your body temperatures and therefore making you lack sleep. If you don’t like night baths, you can try other hot water therapies to reduce the pains.

Look out for a comfortable mattress

Always consider sleeping on a firm mattress if you want to fall asleep faster with sciatica pains. It’s worth to buy a new mattress to keep you safe from severe distress. If you cannot afford a new mattress, you can always try sleeping on the floor maybe with a yoga mattress.

Scientific researches show that a large number of people who suffer sciatica pain reported reduced pains when they slept on the floor. Note that, sleeping on the floor will take you a few days before you can get adapted. Therefore, you have all the reasons not to give up.

Another good idea is to get an adjustable bed if you don’t want to sleep on floors or sleep on a regular mattress.  A high-quality adjustable bed is not cheap, here are some recommendations for best adjustable beds from

Ice Sore the painful spots

Another way to ensure that you enjoy your night even if you have sciatica pains is through icing sore areas that feel the pain. It’s a recommendation that many of the doctors give to their clients. Place ice at your lower spine, or buttocks. Make sure to let it stay for at least 20 minutes within three hours. In this way, it helps to reduce inflammations and therefore helps you tackle the pains.

However, icing can get complicated and therefore, we recommend that you see a doctor before you start frosting.

Practice excellent sleep hygiene practices

If you want to fall asleep without a lot of struggles, make sure to practice healthy sleep habits at nighttime. Avoid watching the TV at least an hour before heading to bed. Also, avoid taking your electronics to your bed. Another thing, make sure not to engage in nighttime exercises as it raises your body temperatures and therefore denying you a comfortable sleep.

Also, avoid coffee and other caffeine drinks as they distract your mind and keep you away from falling asleep. Don’t overeat as it will be discomforting.

Final Verdict

Sciatica pain is severe and will cause a lot of disturbance in your sleep. You, therefore, need to learn on tricks that will help you fall asleep quickly. The above-discussed practices are the best that you can adopt. Also, follow on the links provided for a chance to learn more about how to sleep with sciatica pain.